Our Wall Art

The range is home tested.

We offer wall art that is an alternative to the traditional framed photograph. The choice we offer reflects what we have on our own walls. The images below are wall art from my stock images that are hanging in my home.

My logic is that if I would not hang it on a wall, why should I expect you to?

We do not offer framed photographs. We know that framing needs to fit with room colour, existing frames in the house or room and the image itself. We recommend using a local framer to create something for your photograph.

Box Frame link

Box Frame

Acrylic mount link


Aluminium mount link


Dibond mount link


Canvas frame link



Pices include postage.

Size (inches) Box Frame Acrylic Aluminium Dibond Canvas
8 x 8 £65 £55 £60 £50 £55
10 x 10 £70 £65 £70 £55 £60
12 x 8 £70 £65 £70 £55 £60
15 x 10 £85 £75 £85 £65 £65

Other sizes available on request, please mail Stephen Lloyd Photography for details.